List of Corrupt Judges

Judge Supperstone

Judge Sir Michael Supperstone imposes his corrupt wishes on victims without regard for the law, his victims, their human rights, or the damage he does to their lives. He delights in cruelty. He does it simply because he can. He will break the law to victimise a defendant.

He will rule in favour of a CPS prosecutor who is obviously lying, and has no evidence, and destroy a defendant who has solid evidence who is obviously telling the truth. Defence barristers are embarrassed, and have their careers tainted, but have no way to report him to higher authority.

He should have been forcibly retired a decade ago and have his Knighthood withdrawn. He is acting criminally, and should be prosecuted. He is a disgrace to the High Court. The supervision of corrupt judges is non existant.

A common Law court of 12 jurors issued a judgement in Dundee Scotland that Judge Supperstone is guilty of an abuse of power, of malfeasance in public office, and must be retired immediately.

Westminster Magistrates Court – extradition

Judge Rebecca Crane

District Judge Rebecca Crane does not consider her victims extreme circumstances and orders their extradition. They can be physically or mentally unfit, have dependent relatives, she couldn’t care less. She is a sadistic women without a shred of humanity. She prefers a dishonest CPS prosecutor, and ignores evidence from the defendant. She cold bloodedly throws innocent English people at French prisons, even though she knows they are amongst the worst in Europe, and contain high numbers of people wrongly convicted; if they live they stay there for years. She is ruthless, and has no interest in justice. Google “en prison pour rien” and have Google Translate ready. Crane is a digrace to the legal profession. She should have been retired years ago.

Judge Michael Snow

On the 12th April 2019 District Judge Snow said, after Julian Assange had answeerd two questions with half sentence answers, that Assange was a narcissist. He further said he should “get over to the US.” Clearly Snow’s judgement had been decided long before he got to the court. Assange’s lawyer Mr Walker pointed out the trial was invalid, becuase the senior Judge Emma Arbuthnot’s husband, Lord Arbuthnot, was part of the Wikileaks revelations, and that he is a member of MI6. Michael Snow said it was a cheek for Walker to tell the truth in court, and accepted no evidence, and sentance Assange to the maximum 12 months in prison.

Lynda Thyer is innocent of all 9 charges invented by Judge Gadaud in France. Consequently he has no evidence. She was curing cancer with GcMAF, a safe human protein. The company, Immuno Biotech Ltd, had 27 staff in the UK and one man working two days in France. The jurisdiction is solidly the UK, where the MHRA had already found Lynda innocent. So under Evidence and Jurisdiction, the Judge had no option but to cancel the Extraordinary Rendition to France.

But the Westminster extradition court only has corrupt judges, and Snow is the third judge to announce Lynda’s extradition. He threw her defence attorney, John Smith, out of court before he could present his papers, which had already been approved and stamped by the High Court. With the evil CPS prosecutor, Benjamin Seifert, who is delighted to send an innocent woman to prison, he also announced the cancellation of her bail, and immediate imprisonment in an English prison before she goes to a French prison. The week before the trial she had five amulances and five hospital stays due to stress. She was in hospital for the court case. She now can’t be found.

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